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Virtual Judging: Info and FAQs

Virtual Judging: Info and FAQs

Curious about virtual judging? Wondering if you should sign up to judge? We’re here to answer your questions! 


Our virtual competitions have the same categories and levels that you'd find at an in-person PSO event. Similarly, our judging procedures remain the same - with the added perks of doing it from the comfort of your home, on your own time. 


This is how the magic happens: 


  • Prospective judges sign up here

  • We’ll notify you of the judging selection one day after the Day of Event Schedule is released.

  • Judges receive video submissions and scoresheets one week prior to the event and will have 6 days to submit scores. 

  • Once scores are submitted, we enter them into our judging system for calculation. 


You may be asking yourself:


  1. Are the scoring elements the same? YES! Competitors are judged based on all of the usual elements found here and provided with written feedback as they would at an in-person competition.

  2. What is the expected time commitment for judges? If selected, you will have 10-20 videos to watch, depending on the total number of competitors and judges for that event. Judges should be watching each video only once. We would expect that each competitor take no more than 10 minutes to judge.

  3. As a judge, should I be attentive to costumes, hair and makeup, or the space where competitors are performing? Nope! Since not everyone has access at the moment to a studio or a professional looking setup, we ask that you judge based on their performance only and not take into account the environment. Everyone is doing their best with what they have. 

  4. Do I need special training to be a judge? No, however we will provide you with scoring guides and element definitions to help you through the process. We also have a WhatsApp group where judges can ask questions when in doubt. We’re here to help you if you need it! 


Do you have more questions? Email us at info@polesportorg.comfor more info!