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CONFIRMED VENDORS - Your vendor packets & Insurance

Event packets are linked here. They will be updated with exact setup times about 7 weeks before the event.

If you need to purchase insurance for the event, directions to purchase from our suggested agent are linked here.

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Your booth includes:

  • 6' table + enough space for up to one 4' rolling rack

  • 2 chairs

  • 2 tickets to event for booth staff

  • Wireless internet (usually free, maximum $16/day/device)

  • Electricity (you supply extension cords and power strips)

  • Your brand announced at event

  • Ability to post in our competitor groups on Facebook (250+ members per group)

Interested in vending? Read here!

It's hard to decide which events are worth going to, to sell your products, and which you should sit out. You might have a serious case of FOMO, and want to sell at every single show out there. But, you're also worried that you won't break even, or even worse, lose money on an expensive booth at a poorly attended event. And the biggest nightmare of all - what if you go, set up, see a ton of people walking around and shopping - but no one stops by your table.

All you want to do is promote your brand, make sales at the event, and not break the bank with vendor fees and travel expenses. Local pole events are too small to make selling worthwhile, and big events are too expensive or too far away.

PSO events can meet all your needs of exposure and sales, without high costs.

Sounds too good to be true. How can we do this?

  • You pay only half the price of a vendor booth at PSO than you would at any of the other large pole events.

  • You probably live within easy driving distance of a PSO event, because there's 20 or more of them a year, all in different cities. This saves you expensive airfare and Uber rides to the airport and back.

  • You can create buzz around your brand by posting in our private Facebook group, on the event page, or by contributing prizes to the winners of the event.

  • If you are a vendor, you can put an advertisement out or leave swag for attendees at registration. This will be handed out to audience members, volunteers, and competitors when they check in. This could be a postcard advertising "visit our booth and get a free gift" or "$5.00 off your purchase at our booth today". It's a sure way to make attendees notice you and your products once they get to the event.

  • You save money by getting discounted rates at the PSO suggested hotel. If an event doesn't have a suggested hotel, there's always a horde of other polers going, so you can snag a roommate or two and get a cheap Airbnb nearby. We can help connect you to others looking for travel buddies and roommates.

  • BONUS: You get support when you need it, on your schedule. We commit to responding to all emails with 48 hours, and providing you with lots of information up front to make sure you feel confident going into the show.

Still not sure? Here are some FAQs to get you started. If you just want to see the PSO event dates click here for our website calendar.

How many people come to each PSO event?

  • About 500-800 attendees

What is PSO's largest event?

  • The PSO Pacific Pole Championships is our largest event each year, with around 1,000 attendees over the weekend. PSO Atlantic and PSO Northwest are also similar in size.

What comes with my booth?

  • 6' table + enough space for up to one 4' rolling rack

  • 2 chairs

  • 2 tickets to event for booth staff

  • Wireless internet (usually free, maximum $16/day/device)

  • Electricity (you supply extension cords and power strips)

  • Your logo on the PSO website

  • Your brand announced at event

  • Your brand's Facebook page linked on PSO's Facebook event

  • Your brand included in newsletter promotions

  • Ability to post in our competitor groups on Facebook (250+ members per group)

What if I need more space than that?

  • You can purchase 2 booth spaces at a single show if you are bringing a large amount of product or just want more room. Please email us for multi-booth discounts at certain shows.

Do I get to pick my booth space?

  • Spaces are first come, first served during allotted setup times, usually the evening or the morning before the competition begins. Just get there on time and you'll have a great spot.

Is booth sharing allowed?

  • Yes! You are more than welcome to share with one other company.

  • There is no additional cost to booth share, just remember that you only get the 6' table and 4' rolling rack space, no more.

How much do booths cost?

  • Between $200-$350 for the weekend, depending on if you purchase a package deal or a single table. Please email us when you are ready to purchase and we will send you an invoice.

Do I need insurance?

  • Yes, all vendors must have insurance. If you don't already have it, we can refer you to Francis L. Dean at 1-800-745-2409. You can also fill out the application online here.

  • Insurance for a single event only usually runs between $35-$50. Francis L. Dean also offers an annual policy that's good for an entire year.

  • If you share a table, both companies must have insurance.

How much can I make at my booth?

  • PSO can't guarantee you sales, but past vendors with products around $30/item have reported between $1,000-$3,000 in sales over a 2 day event.

Interested in sponsoring?

We add new sponsors once per year every December. You can choose to sponsor all of the events, or just a region of events (Asia, Canada, Europe, and/or USA). Please email us at to get on the list!