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Pole Competitions for every Level


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Pole Competitions for every Level


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Next Up :

PSO Triangle - Cary

LIVE competition is on July 27 at the Cary Arts Center. Registration deadline is May 27.

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Next Up:

PSO Southwest - Dallas

LIVE competition is on August 3 at the Baker Theatre. Registration deadline is June 3.

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Energy of the competition is good, rules are clear, support easily reachable via email with questions, events run on time and are well-organized.

Li, 2024 Austria

It was wonderful to compete on a professional stage. I loved watching dancers in the higher levels; I had never seen those levels in routine in real life before. The community connection surprised me. I connected with dancers from across the country on social media after the event and it helped me to see all the paths of pole dance. The event was very organized. PSO staff, volunteers and other dancers rooted for me.

Persephone, 2023 Canada East

Everyone gets to play, the weekend of the competition everyone is so kind and supportive and at their best, I just think it is really inclusive and I feel safe and proud at PSO.

Mel, 2023 Pacific & After Dark

I had a really fun time going with my friends, performing, and watching others. I was proud of myself for doing it and I didn’t care that much about how I placed. The judges’ comments were helpful.

Sara, 2023 Central

Well organized, unbiased, fun, safe and friendly.

BeALilith, 2023 Pacific & After Dark

Competing with PSO was such an amazing experience. Everyone from the humans working or volunteering at the event to competitors and spectators were overwhelmingly kind and supportive. It was amazing to have exposure to other styles and see dancers’ artistry come alive on stage. I felt like the entire experience was mind blowing and push me to unlock part of myself that I didn’t even know was there. I 💖 PSO!

Cecelia, 2023 Liberty



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