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Our Mission

Our Values

Everyone deserves the chance to be onstage

We believe that everyone has something to contribute.

Give the benefit of the doubt

We go into every interaction assuming the best about the other person and their intentions. Even if something potentially offensive or unhelpful is said, we seek first to ask questions and understand rather than assume the worst.

Do the thing

We don’t do the show because we’re ready, we do the show because it’s 7:30pm and that’s when the schedule says it starts. We believe running our events on time and in a well organized way is the best way to respect the work of the competitors, volunteers, judges, audience members, and staff. Problem solving on the fly is a must!

You can sit with us

We are a neutral and non-biased space that respects people of all backgrounds, skills, identities, and studio affiliations. Meet polers from other studios, cheer for the dancers that you're competing against, and introduce shy family and friends to the pole community.

It takes a village

No one has success in a vacuum. We need everyone's participation, from competitors, volunteers, staff, judges, and audience members to make the experience come alive.

Our Team

Founder, President

Amy Guion

European Coordinator

Marion Kessler

Admin team

  • Shay Jones

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Christina Flores

    Customer Service Manager
  • Samantha Rodrigues

    Logistics Manager