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Virtual Competition Tips

Virtual Competition Tips
Although our world is not as we expected it to be on January 1, 2020, we are making lemonade out of lemons. Competing in a virtual space is different and comes with a few pros and cons. Let's focus on some helpful tips to maximize your experience.
1. Take advantage of all the things that you can't do in the live event scenario. Ex. use dry hands, film multiple times and pick the best video, use glitter as a prop, have pets and kids on camera with you, etc.

2. FILM LANDSCAPE in 16:9. We make you do this so that you look amazing on Twitch. If you film in another format then it doesn't look as good or there are tech issues from resizing.

3. Try out the Edited Videos category and create something that wouldn't be possible in real life.

4. Do your hair and makeup, and wear a costume. It's still a performance. Need some virtual stage makeup tips? Alicia @kinkysweat provides some here.

5. Edit your audio for your video. You're allowed to edit your audio in all categories, so put your music track over the video so that the audio is the best quality possible.

6. Look at the camera and treat it like your audience. Still make eye contact, it's just with the camera.

7. Tell your friends and family that haven’t been able to see you perform to take advantage of the zero travel required and tune into the live stream. 

    Check out our calendar for upcoming competitions!