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Rules Update: Banning the N Word

Rules Update: Banning the N Word
One of our values is "you CAN sit with us". This translates to: We are a neutral and non-biased space that respects people of all backgrounds, skills, identities, and studio affiliations. We encourage you to meet polers from other studios, cheer for the dancers that you're competing against, and introduce shy family and friends to the pole community.

To uphold our value of inclusivity, we are adding a music restriction to prohibit use of the N word in songs. Any use of the word will result in -5 points per occurrance. We believe that this music rule is a small but important step in showing our support of Black Lives Matter.

The use of the N word in your song is not allowed. Please remove it, bleep it out, or use a clean version of the song.
For Scorpio only - since we understand that competitors may have made arrangements based on the original rules, the use of the N word is allowed, but discouraged. If you can bleep it or use a clean song, please do. If not, there's no deduction for this event only.