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PSO United - A virtual competition

PSO United - A virtual competition

Update 5/25/20 - it got bigger.

Well, everyone. You broke our website with all the traffic (sorry!). It's fixed now, and we have had so many entries for PSO United that we will be opening up additional weekends! Here is the update:

1. There are now 3 weekends of competition.

  • PSO United - Weekend 1 - June 13-14
    • May 28 - Registration/category change deadline
    • June 6 - Video submission deadline

  • PSO United After Dark - Weekend 2 - June 27-28
    • June 11 - Registration/category change deadline
    • June 17 - Video submission deadline

  • PSO United Europe - Weekend 3 - July 4-5
    • June 18 - Registration/category change deadline
    • June  24 - Video submission deadline

2. Your schedule is TBA. 

If you are already registered for United - We will figure out exactly which events stream which weekends once the registration closes on May 28. The likely scenario is that the regular PSO categories will stream Weekend 1 and the Exotic/After Dark categories will stream on Weekend 2. The new categories may be split between the 2 weekends. Since everyone selects their own category and level, we won't know how the schedules will run until registration closes for United on May 28.

Remember! If you are registered, you have only until the end of the day on May 28 to select your category, level, stage name, and studio affiliation. Please don't forget to update your Portal account as we won't be able to make changes after that. 

3. Your video deadline.

Yes, your video deadline will be a little later if you are streaming Weekend 2 or Weekend 3. See the above schedule.

4. Age groups will be split.

We will be splitting up age groups. Our regular rules of Junior/Senior may be combined and Master/Grand Master may be combined apply.

5. New categories might be split - we'll know May 29.

No Pole No Problem and Edited Videos may end up being split into sections or age groups, depending on how many people that have selected that category by May 28. You'll get an update by May 29.

6. United Europe!

Weekend 3 - This event will stream on Central European Time, so if that is more convenient for you, you are welcome to move to this date. The deadline for United Europe will be extended to June 18. You can register specifically for that event here, or email us if you are already entered so that we can move you.

We know this is potentially confusing, so feel free to email us any time if we can help sort you out!


Dance apart, move together.

Looking for your next goal? Ready to compete again? We aren't trying to replace the old model of competing, but we are ready to do what our industry does best - adapt. I've been in pole for 13 (!) years now, and I'm constantly impressed with the industry's ability to change with the times. Let's revise, redo, and recreate when things get weird.

So...we're going to do this online competition thing, and we're calling it PSO United. Dance apart, move together.

PSO United is an online competition with the same categories and levels that you'd find at an in-person PSO event. We will be accepting entries as usual, on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you enter, you'll have until June 6 to film and send us your competition video. We'll compile the videos into an online stream on June 13, complete with an emcee, judging based on the PSO system, prizes, medals, and virtual hugs.

Skeptical about online? There are a few cool bonuses that you'll get online that you won't get at a live event.

  • Film and send us your best run through. You can rehearse as many times as you like and send us the one you nailed.

  • Apply grip to your pole ahead of time.

  • No prop rules and you don't have to submit them ahead of time either. Use food, liquid, pets, confetti, glitter, or unexpected child cameos - all are ok. 

  • No music submission deadlines!

  • Your grandma who lives in Australia can finally watch you perform because there's a live stream.

  • It's cheaper! And, if you're experiencing financial hardship and can't afford the entry fee, we'll help you out, no questions asked. Just email us.

More details:

    • The categories are Championship, Dramatic/Entertainment (combined), Exotic/After Dark (combined), Edited Videos, and No Pole No Problem.

    • Levels are 1-5. Edited Video and No Pole No Problem will not be divided by level.

    • The only type of edit allowed for videos is to mute the original video sound and add your audio track back over it for clarity. If you want to get crazy with edits between scenes, enter the Edited Video category.

    • All age groups are combined for this initial event.

    • Complete rules are linked here.

    • The competitor packet is here. 

    • Sign up deadline is May 28 so we can get organized, and the deadline for videos is June 6.