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PSO Safety Standards

PSO Safety Standards

Since our establishment in 2012, PSO has demonstrated industry leadership by setting standards and pioneering best practices in pole dancing competitions. We have always been dedicated to delivering exceptional events that encourage all competitors to have their moment on stage.

PSO’s commitment to excellence and setting the industry standard includes comprehensive safety protocols. We want you to feel confident and secure when attending our events, knowing that your safety has been and is a priority. You can expect the following at our events: 

Pole and stage safety

  • Traveling with our rigger or experienced pole technician to ensure poles are installed properly, and adjust them throughout the competition as needed

  • Purchasing our own truss system to ensure quality and availability of appropriate materials

  • Replacing poles regularly

Emergency response

  • Medical personnel on site

  • AED on site

  • Emergency action plan including when to call 911 (ambulance) and when to refer people to outside medical assistance after first aid treatment has been given at the event

  • Offering and/or paying for rides to urgent care or hospital if the person chooses to seek further care after an incident

  • Incident reports created, filed, and saved

  • If we have a filed incident report, following up with individuals after the competition to see how they are doing

  • First aid kits

  • Staff CPR training

  • Emergency contact forms required alongside your waiver so that we have someone to reach out to directly in case of emergency. The Portal will be updated in the future to process that information online. You will be asked to provide this in person until our team completes work on that new feature.