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PSO Online Highlight: Mimi Midnight

PSO Online Highlight: Mimi Midnight

PSO Online is an online lessons website where you can watch instructional videos of your favorite instructors and keep up your skills while studios are closed.

Mimi comes from the most mediocre background you can possibly imagine. Without any known athletic talents, she entered her journey afraid and awkward. It took her a year to invert, but she had a break through once she started creating an educational system for herself. Since then, she's competed internationally at 7 different competitions, most recently, PSO After Dark. She often favors the expressive and artistic side of pole over tricks. She is passionate about sharing the educational system that has helped her so much in her journey with students all over the world. She believes that movement can unlock so much more than just a better relationship with your physical self.

Midnight Movement & Magic. Levels 2-5.

The PSO After Dark champion teaches you how to shine on the exotic stage.

What you'll get:

  • Full original choreographies from Mimi

  • Mimi breaks down each piece move by move

  • Learn not just the moves but also "the magic" of the performance