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PSO Online Highlight: Kirstin Brown

PSO Online Highlight: Kirstin Brown

PSO Online is an online lessons website where you can watch instructional videos of your favorite instructors and keep up your skills while studios are closed.

Kirstin grew up training ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, and belly dance. As an adult, she discovered the aerial arts and has combined her vast experience in diverse movement disciplines to create her own unique style of art in the sky. Kirstin is known for her mesmerizing fluidity and palpable soulfulness. Her pieces have been called "emotion in motion" and a redefinition of the art of pole. Kirstin's work is more than just a spectacle. Expect to feel her energy to drawing you in and leaving you breathless. She enjoys spreading her love of creating art with students and proudly owns Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole in Berkeley California.

Contemporary Fusion Combos & Tricks. Levels 3-5.

Work Contemporary Combos & Tricks with PSO Pro competitor and performer Kirstin Brown!

What you'll get:

  • 4 videos packed with contemporary low flow tricks, i.e. pole assisted handstands, fish flops, shoulder mount flips & more + how to combine and dance into them.

  • In-depth instruction on each move individually.

  • Additional videos on belly dancing to improve dance arms and hip shimmies and safe practices to begin your headstand journey.