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PSO Online Highlight: Eman

PSO Online Highlight: Eman

PSO Online is an online lessons website where you can watch instructional videos of your favorite instructors and keep up your skills while studios are closed. 

Eman is an award winning performer and full time aerial hoop and pole sport instructor. She is the co-founder at CirQular Motion, a rehab and conditioning space based in Toronto dedicated to professional circus performers and dancers. She is also a resident performer for Ink Entertainment, Lavelle and Le Brunch, and offers circus aerial and acrobatic pole performances. Specializing in lollipop Lyra, aerial hoop, pole, flying pole and straps. Find Eman on:

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Lollipop Lyra. Levels 2-3.

Learn Lollipop Lyra with winning aerial and pole performer Eman!

What you'll get:

  • Basic grips and entries for Lollipop Lyra beginners
  • Break down of combos to work your flow
  • Instruction on slides, rolls, and spin tricks to add to your repertoire

Eman will add 2 more videos to this course each month so that you can continue learning!