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PSO Online Highlight: Amy Guion

PSO Online Highlight: Amy Guion

PSO Online is an online lessons website where you can watch instructional videos of your favorite instructors and keep up your skills while studios are closed.

Amy is so excited to be here and teaching you lovely humans! She has been in the pole industry for over a decade, having various roles such as instructor, studio manager, competitive champion, performer, and judge. Amy runs Pole Sport Organization, the world's largest professional and amateur pole competition series.

Beginner Basics Pole Dance. Levels 1-2.

This course is for the beginner with NO EXPERIENCE needed!

What you'll get:

  • Basic pole moves including spins, dance moves, and getting on and off the floor
  • Beginner floorwork movement 
  • Explanations on topics like shoes, cleaning your pole (huh?), and kneepads