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PSO Online Highlight: Alyona Amber

PSO Online Highlight: Alyona Amber

PSO Online is an online lessons website where you can watch instructional videos of your favorite instructors and keep up your skills while studios are closed.

Our featured instructor this week is Alyona Amber!

Alyona was born and raised in Rezekne. At the age of 16, she started a dance career in the dance studio Dynamic Hit Dance Studio. In 2009, she moved to Riga and joined the Latvian College of Culture study program Dance Ensemble Leader with a Orientation in Contemporary Dance, where she learned contemporary and classical dance, jazz, hip-hop and folk dances. During her studies, she was a member of Ilze Zīriņa's dance company ZI and worked on the performance When They Are Other. After graduating from the Latvian Academy of Sciences, she continued to study dance in the study program Contemporary Dance Choreography at the Latvian Academy of Culture.

During the one year spent at the Latvian Academy of Sciences, she acquired and deepened her knowledge of composition, choreography and the following dance styles: contemporary dance, classical dance, classical modern dance. Olga Žitluhina, Ilze Zīriņa, Ramona Galkina, Gunta Bāliņa are the choreographers and teachers who laid the foundations for her professional dance experience. And with so many titles under her belt, she is ready to share those skills with you!

Advanced Exotic Choreography. Levels 3-5.

Learn advanced choreography from exotic queen Alyona Amber!

What you'll get:

  • 8 advanced choreographies that are an action-packed 1-1.5 minutes long
  • Breakdowns of each movement including close up videos of grip changes and fancy footwork
  • Learn more quickly from videos by following her yellow markings so you can tell which damn hand is the right one