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PSO Online Courses - NOW AVAILABLE!

PSO Online Courses - NOW AVAILABLE!

The survey responses from last week were simply overwhelming, thank you all again so much for responding! 93% of you are still dancing at home with or without a pole. I love that! 

Here are some great replies of why you are dancing now:

“Because it keeps me sane”

“Yes. I have worked really hard over the years to get to this level. I don't want to lose everything just because of the pandemic. I did not choose this situation. I will decide when or if I leave the pole dance world! This situation will not stop me.” 

“My love for it and the importance of staying active while stuck at home keeps me moving. I was also supposed to compete at PSO in March, and went from practicing constantly and I do not want to lose my progress. I also want to develop and grow more, and with so many great instructors around the world finally being so accessible, this would be a wasted opportunity to not take advantage of that.”

“I want to remain active and continue to improve in any way I am able during this time. I am also enjoying the access to instructors I haven't normally been able to learn from previously”

We also asked about a variety of programs that we are considering hosting for you. Based on your replies, we’ll be launching several new things in the coming weeks!

On Monday, May 4, we will be launching an online lessons website called PSO Online. You’ll be able to watch instructional videos to grow your skills while supporting your favorite instructors. You can think of the site as a Patreon for pole dancers. PSO is contributing editing, customer service, marketing and tech support to all of our instructors on the platform.

You will be able to subscribe to the entire site for a monthly subscription payment, or you can support an instructor more directly with a one-time payment for their lessons. We have structured the most generous payment program for instructors in the industry, with instructors getting paid up to 80% of the total sale price (industry standard is 15%). 

For our friends at home without poles, there is a flexibility course and two floorwork courses available now, with more on the way. 

And for our friends who are experiencing economic hardship during this time - we would still love for you to participate in the community and keep training. Please send us an email and we will work with you individually to make lessons available to you at a lower price or at no cost.

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