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PSO Moments: Tullya B

PSO Moments: Tullya B

PSO Moments is an opportunity to highlight our competitors. They share their inspiration and experience to enlighten and inspire. We believe that everyone deserves a moment on stage. Join us as we take a look at Tullya B’s PSO Moment.


PSO: When and where did you compete?

Tullya B: 2021 Atlantic


PSO: What was your inspiration or story behind your piece?

Tullya B: When I started this piece it was right after I had competed in PSO's first virtual competition, PSO united. At the time lockdown was in full effect and still not a lot was known about what was going to happen. Through the course of training for this comp my grandmother's health got worse and she eventually passed away. I didn't realize it at the time when I was choregraphing it, but it ended up being a vehicle for processing my grief and sadness as well as celebrating her life. It was really healing.


PSO: What would you like to share about your PSO competition experience?

Tullya B: Being on stage again for the first time LIVE in person the energy was electric. I was SO HAPPY to be around other dancers, and to share the stage with my family from my home studio. I have competed at this point in 4 PSO competitions, and the energy is always so supportive and really just leaves me energized and excited to keep exploring and dancing. I had such a good time on stage and cannot wait to do it again!
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