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PSO Moments: Sallys Charming

PSO Moments: Sallys Charming

PSO Moments is an opportunity to highlight our competitors. They share their inspiration and experience to enlighten and inspire. We believe that everyone deserves a moment on stage. Join us as we take a look at Sallys Charming's PSO Moment.

PSO: When and where did you compete?

Sallys Charming: 2020 Libra

PSO: What was your inspiration or story behind your piece?

Sallys Charming: Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I did a re-enactment with my husband, 4yr old son, and dog.

PSO: What would you like to share about your PSO competition experience? 

Sallys Charming: For virtual competitions, I love the chat box during the performance it’s like having an audience and see their reactions but you can read it in the chat box. Everyone would cheer each other one it was beautiful to see the community come together in these difficult times of covid.


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