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PSO Moments: PoleLeopard

PSO Moments: PoleLeopard

PSO Moments is an opportunity to highlight our competitors. They share their inspiration and experience to enlighten and inspire. We believe that everyone deserves a moment on stage. Join us as we take a look at PoleLeopard's PSO Moment.

PSO: When and where did you compete?

PoleLeopard: 2020 Virgo


PSO: What was your inspiration or story behind your piece?

PoleLeopard: I committed to competing Oct 2019. I was already polling but, I wanted to achieve some fitness goals. I lost 25 lbs and cut my body fat in half!!! I was ready to compete for the first time at the Arnold in March but, like lots of things, it got canceled. I was heartbroken but I buckled down and kept working during the lockdown. I was bummed that all competitions went virtual but decided to embrace this new virtual world and I am so glad I did! I watched Beyonce's Homecoming Movie on Netflix and loved the LIVE band version of Crazy In Love. So, I crafted this new routine to show my appreciation for the inspiration of her movie AND to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.


PSO: What would you like to share about your PSO competition experience? 

PoleLeopard: I really enjoy encouragement from the LIVE chat on the stream and all the new pole babies I found and followed on Insta. This was my first EVER competition so I can't compare it to in-person but I will be back in November for Scorpio.

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