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PSO Moments: Ina and Sandra

PSO Moments: Ina and Sandra

PSO Moments is an opportunity to highlight our competitors. They share their inspiration and experience to enlighten and inspire. We believe that everyone deserves a moment on stage. Join us as we take a look at Ina and Sandra's PSO Moment.

 PSO: When and where did you compete?

Ina and Sandra: 2020 PSO Germany

PSO: What was your inspiration or story behind your piece?

Ina and Sandra: We wanted to do our doubles performance different. We focused on dancing - including Rock'n'Roll and dance moves of the 50s to the story of Danny & Sandy from Grease and made it our main goal to entertain everybody.

PSO: What would you like to share about your PSO competition experience? 

Ina and Sandra: The positive vibe of the competition was outstanding and everything was so well organized! To be on stage with your best friend - dancing, enjoying the performance and entertaining the audience was gold. We even made it to the second place <3


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