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PSO Moments: Cherish

PSO Moments: Cherish

PSO Moments is an opportunity to highlight our competitors. They share their inspiration and experience to enlighten and inspire. We believe that everyone deserves a moment on stage. Join us as we take a look at Cherish's PSO Moment.


PSO: When and where did you compete?

Cherish: 2022 PSO Pacific


PSO: What was your inspiration or story behind your piece?

Cherish: I performed to the song "Get Back Up Again" by Anna Kendrick from the movie Trolls. It's lighthearted & fun, but the message is incredibly deep for me. 2021 was one of the toughest years of my life in terms of personal turmoil, and trying to prepare for my first ever competition ontop of that seemed like an insurmountable feat. But the song reminded me that I can't give up, I won't give up. And no matter how many times life knocks me over, I will always get back up again.


PSO: What would you like to share about your PSO competition experience?

Cherish: I was overwhelmed, in awe, empowered, moved, and inspired. I felt supported in a way that I've never seen at a competition before. I walked off that stage in tears, not because I was sad, but because I was so so SO happy. Everyone should compete at PSO at least once in their lives, if only to have a room full of strong, wonderful humans cheering you on. You are capable of greatness, and you should show that greatness to the world. We're ready ❤️
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