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Portal Updates: Photo and Video

Portal Updates: Photo and Video

Registered to compete and now you want access to your captured #PSOprogress? All photo and video activities now take place in the Portal. From purchasing your digital moments to downloading them to share, this video walks you through the process step-by-step.

Process updates for the 2021 season

There are two new deadlines to help us organize everyone with our reduced staff due to COVID:

Deadline 1: Ordering

Please submit your order for photos or videos at least 1 month in advance of the event. We are only sending the number of staff absolutely necessary to run the event. Depending on the number of orders, we would then schedule the number of photo/video team members present at the event. We will only photograph or video those who have ordered in advance. If you do not order in advance, you will not be recorded and cannot purchase your images or videos later. 

Deadline 2: Proof selection

Please select up to 20 proofs for editing and share them with us within 90 days of the event. Please don't select more even if you're in love with all of them :) It slows down your order because we have to contact you to remove some before we can edit...and then you end up at the back of the line.

Other notes about photos and video

We have added your photo and video order status in your event dashboard. From favorites received to downloads ready, the Portal provides you up-to-date status details.

You do have to create an additional account via the Zenfolio proofing service to submit your favorite proofs. This is different from your Portal account details.