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Portal Update: Photo Video Download Deadline - September 14

Portal Update: Photo Video Download Deadline - September 14

Hello, competitors!

We have an update to the photo and video deliveries as our service provider Zenfolio just notified us a couple of days ago that they are changing their pricing rather dramatically on September 15.

Zenfolio is the service where you currently log in and proof photos, download your edited photos, and download your video. It is linked to the Portal and it looks somewhat the same, but they are a separate vendor than PSO.

We will still use Zenfolio for the proofing process, so you will still be able to log in and see/review/share your favorites with us that way. The change is that we are moving all deliveries of edited photos and video to the Portal. This will end up streamlining the download process for you and deliver a much-improved user experience, so overall this is a good thing.

Your task in all of this:

If you have photos and videos currently living in Zenfolio that you have not downloaded, or you want to download them again, you must do so on or before September 14. We will be deleting all files of edited photos and edited videos from Zenfolio on September 15 and you will no longer have access to them.

Event deliveries in progress:

Southern video deliveries are currently up in Zenfolio and ready for download. Southern photo edits will either be delivered via email attachment or via the Portal, depending on when you send back your favorites. Nationals video deliveries will be done through the Portal and are on track to be delivered on time.

Button functionality in the Portal:

We estimate that button functionality in your Portal dashboard for "Download Photos" or "Download Video" will stop linking to Zenfolio around September 6 or 7. Not to worry, you can always visit directly and log in using your user name and password for that site to download your items until September 14.