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New Event: PSO After Dark

New Event: PSO After Dark

Clutch your pearls…it’s our first entirely sexy event: PSO After Dark! It'll be in Los Angeles on October 19. The following categories are currently only available at the 2019 PSO After Dark Pole Championships.


SHADOWBANNED: Is your style getting you shadowbanned on Instagram? Bring it here. The only rule is the nastier the better. Get dirty with it on the pole, or feel free to ignore the poles completely. Classy or trashy, we’ll take it all. Judging is based on the Artistic system.

ALL FLOOR ALL DAY: No pole allowed in this all floor category. Slink, hump, or roll your way across the stage. Judging is based on the Artistic system.

RX: Russian Exotic - just what the doctor ordered. Work the base with choreographed hits, tricks, and heel work. If you’re a technique driven diva, this might be the right place for you. Judging is based on the Artistic system.

DTF (DRIP, TEASE, AND FLOW): This category is slow flow, hypnotic waves, or maybe a salute to pole dancing’s roots. We’re looking for movement that melts like butter, drips like honey, and flows like lava. Judging is based on the Artistic system.

To match the sexy theme, we're also removing music content restrictions and relaxing the costuming rules to allow for thong and pasties.

To register and find full details, click here!