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Instagram Badass Bingo Challenge: Congrats Sage!

Instagram Badass Bingo Challenge: Congrats Sage!


Congrats to Sage (ig: @phdbackupplan) for winning our grand prize! Check out her overview here! Also wanted to acknowledge a strong runner up: @reality_rose and her bingo challenge. 

Do you want an opportunity to revel in satisfaction of seeing a full marked row to yell, "BINGO"? With so many ways for you to win, why not join in on the fun! Take a look at our Instagram Badass Bingo challenge and get your bingo marker ready!


What can I win?

ALL contestants that post 3 challenges/posts correctly and in a row (A Bingo!) will win the following:
  • A PSO Online course of their choice (All Access excluded)
  • An amateur entry fee to PSO Pisces (non-transferable)
ONE overall winner at the end of the month, that has finished all 9 challenges (aka a Blackout), will win:
  • PSO Online All Access membership upgrade
  • PSO item of clothing
  • An amateur entry fee to a live PSO competition
  • Sponsored prizes by:
    • Gift card from By Kim B
    • One set of Bees Knees Kneepads
    • One Pole Tarot Arcana deck & Guidebook
    • A class recording of choice from Jazzy K
Blackout winner will be chosen by PSO staff, and will be based on creativity plus the amount of bingo challenges correctly posted.

Ready to play? Let’s check out each challenge!

  1. How it Started vs. How it’s Going - Post a before and after. Think: 2019 vs 2020, Pre & Post quarantine, Old tricks/New tricks, an old competition pass, or even 2020 vs 2021. (Video or photo submission)
  1. New Year, New Gear! - Show off your new favorite outfit/heels/pole gear since you may not be able to in class. (Photo or video submission)


  1. Binge this! - Dance inspired by a TV show or movie series you watched while in Quarantine. Use a song from the show/movie, dress up as a specific character or a theme. Think: The Office, GOT, The Mandalorian. (Video submission)
  1. Take me wayyy back! - What song reminds you of when you first started pole? Was it a song in warm up? A song your instructor danced to? Film and dance to your song and write in the caption how pole has changed your life. (Video submission)
  1. BL-OOPS! - Had a little spill? Scared your cat? Felt like Bambi on ice for a moment? ALL captured on video? Show us! Extra points for creating a blooper reel. No blood or bad falls please! (Video submission)
  1. The Masked Dancer - Out for a walk or hike? Do a little dance or pose in your mask. Think: hand/shoulder stands. Splits, inverts, all safely please! (Photo or video submission)
  1. Zoomed it, Loved it! - Took any zoom classes? Share what you learned in an online class or classes, tag your instructors in the post and put together your own combo. Show us what you learned! Only took flexibility classes? No worries, show us your happy bending. (Video submission)
  1. Feelin’ loungy - Work clothes? Nahhhh put on your best sweats and comfy lounging clothes and do a happy, or sleepy!, dance. (Video submission)  
  1. I get by with a little help from my friends - Post a collage with your pole buddies! Not to be confused with a group photo. It can also be a fun new challenge video. Caption with what you love about your community and your pole mates. Be sure to tag all of them in your post (Photo or video submission)

    The fine print (also known as the Rules)

    • Contestants must “like” the announcement post, share the announcement post to their stories or timeline, and follow all prize sponsors. Remember to tag @polesportorg so that we see it.
    • Contestants can choose 3 challenges (in a row) for a Bingo or ALL challenges for a Blackout, submissions must use the appropriate hashtags and tag @polesportorg so that we can see your post. Remember we can only see public posts.
    • Contestants have until the end of the month, Jan. 31, 2021 to finish their submissions/posts.
    • Once contestants have gotten a bingo or filled out their bingo card to their liking and are ready to redeem their prizes, a screenshot of the bingo card with the appropriately marked spaces should be posted to their timeline. Tag @polesportorg for us to check and confirm. These can also be posted as stories, however please remember we only see stories within 24 hours of posting. If we do not reply to a story within that time frame, please message us.
    • All posts must be between Jan. 01, 2021 and Jan. 31, 2021.
    • “3 in a row” bingo prizes can only be won once per person.
    • Blackout prizes can only be won once.
    • Edited videos are welcome.
    • Pole apparatus is not required.
    • Reels, IGTVs, and timeline posts are welcome. Stories will not be accepted as submissions.
    • Instagram posts only but TikToks are welcome if re-posted to your Instagram account.
    • Prizes are not redeemable for money.
    • Challenge is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram
    • Be creative! Have fun!