PSO Germany is on April 20-21 - Purchase Spectator Tickets Here!

Have Your Moment: Tickets and Check In

Have Your Moment: Tickets and Check In

You’ve rehearsed your routine and you are ready for the big day. You pull up into the parking lot and embark on the next phase of showing off your #PSOprogress.

Let us provide you a guide for your next steps.

  1. Reference Day of Event schedule for the Registration start time. It can always be located on the event page at

  2. Follow the signage indicating Tickets and Check-In to lead you to your starting place.

  3. When you arrive at the Tickets and Check-In table, provide the volunteers your Stage Name.

  4. You will receive your wristband (your access to watch the section you are competing in), a competitor gift bag, a $5 coupon towards PSO merchandise, and any pre-sale merchandise that you have purchased.

  5. After that, you are welcome to head to the Competitor Dressing Room or proceed directly to the stage for pole testing. The times for pole testing can also be referenced on the Day of Event schedule.

  6. If you brought your cheering squad with you, they are welcome to hang out in the audience area until an announcement is made for spectators to check in.

Now off you go!