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eBook Excerpt: Hip Flexors

eBook Excerpt: Hip Flexors

Get Flexy by Alicia Archer

Are you looking to get more flexible efficiently and safely? My name is Alicia Archer, and I started my flexibility journey as a young adult. I’ve developed 8 videos that are appropriate for those who are learning how to improve their flexibility—specifically for front and middle splits. 

Hip Flexors play a vital role in trying to achieve splits, especially if you are starting as an adult. You can use these tools at any time for any portion of your training. You can take some for your warm up in preparation for other flexibility skills. In this hip flexor tune up, I will breakdown several warm ups strategies, active flexibility drills, and go over the role the hip flexors play in front splits specifically. 

All you need is mat or blanket for your knees and some yoga blocks!