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Celebrate the Small Wins!

Celebrate the Small Wins!

You have set a goal and designed some habits to support your journey to nailed it. Along the way, you may have had some stumbles, a few falls, or even veered off course. How easy are you able to recall those moments? Why is it so easy to feel bad about the missteps, but not feel good about the mini accomplishments? We are our own worst critics. However, let's focus on the small wins!


For example, my goal to dance weekly can seem very daunting. That's 52 classes in 2020, easily 100 hours involved (navigating to class, taking class, heading home), and let's not forget the research time to identify a weekly class. Yep, daunting. Rather than look at it that way, I focus on the manageable chunks, my process steps that have small wins along the way, my habits designed to lead me to success. Think of small wins as progression points along your journey to visualize it to nailed it. Consider my process below.


  • Step 1. Claiming a spot on my calendar for the week for a class that takes into account where I might be due to travels and when I will have the energy to commit.


  • Step 2. Finding a class to take that meets those windows of opportunity.


  • Step 3. Signing up for the class.


  • Step 4. Take the class!


  • Step 5. Repeat :)


Each step is an opportunity to celebrate a small win. Mini celebrations along the journey to my even bigger goal. Did I claim a spot on my calendar? Insert shoulder shimmy. Identified the class to take? Pat on the back. Signed up for the class? Insert celebratory twerk. Took the class? Post a highlight video clip to Instagram.


With your goal in mind and the habits to support your success, write down your list of small wins. Next to each of them, write down your celebration. This could be a mini dance break, checking it off on your list of to-dos, or breaking out the confetti! And then put it into action. I would love to see how you choose to celebrate your small wins. Tag us on Instagram @polesportorg with #SmallWins so that we can join in on the celebration!