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5 Not So Hot Distractions When Watching Performances

5 Not So Hot Distractions When Watching Performances

You have put together your routine. It is time for you to Have Your Moment..and yet these distractions diminish that sparkle just a little. Well you are in luck, the fixes are so easy! 

Something on your wrist - I’m watching the whole performance trying to figure out what it is instead of enjoying your routine! Take off your competitor bracelet or hair ties from around your wrist. They show up in photos and it looks like you forgot about them.

Dirty feet - Even if you have beautifully pointed toes, dirty feet are just yuck! Yes, it’s always dirty in the theaters, so walk around and warm up in flip flops or socks. Use a baby wipe or give your feet a quick wash in the sink before you go onstage.

The tags are sticking out - So. Many. Tags. It’s not a rule, but it makes you look much more professional as a performer if there isn’t anything flapping around. There are tags EVERYWHERE so look for them all. On the bottom of your Pleasers, shorts, bra or top, kneepads...just cut them off.

Not bowing before you leave the stage - There’s an entire roomful of people cheering for you at the end of your routine, so please acknowledge us! Even if you’re disappointed or have the biggest wedgie of all time, just take a second and bow to say “thanks” to us.

Speaking of wedgies, don’t pick your wedgie. Every second of your moment on stage is being captured - from the time you walk on stage to the time you leave the stage. If you pick it, it will be immortalized on video.

I recently posted a video of myself on Instagram and realized that I made almost every one of these mistakes, so don’t worry, even the pros do it ;)