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2021 Nationals - qualifying information

2021 Nationals - qualifying information

It seems crazy to think that we need to start planning for 2021 Nationals, but here we are! The new updates to the road to Nationals:

  1. All events will be qualifying events for both Artistic and Championship. That means that at each event, we will have both an Artistic 5 and Championship 5 division.

    Artistic qualifiers will be a combination of all Level 5s in categories judged on the artistic system, including the After Dark categories. For example, anyone who signs up for Entertainment Level 5 or RX Level 5 would be put in Artistic Level 5.

    As before, only US citizens or residents will be eligible to move to the US National finals, but anyone can compete in the qualifier events. For example, if a Swiss woman participates in and wins the 2021 Pacific Pole Championships Championship Level 5 division, she is allowed to compete and win the regional but she would not advance to US Nationals.

  2. There are several finalists from 2019 who chose not to compete in virtual 2020 Nationals due to COVID. Those finalists will be able to roll over their qualification to their respective divisions for 2021 Nationals.

  3. Given the larger number of competitors who will be performing at 2021 Nationals due to points #1 and #2, we are most likely not going to take the 2nd place winner if the 1st place winner is unable to compete. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis as space permits.

  4. Our prize updates are available in our updated Rules document. We've combined the Rules, Categories, Levels, and Age Groups, and the Element Definitions guides into a single (loooooooong) document for clarity.