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2021 Compete - Switzerland - Zurich

2021 Compete - Switzerland - Zurich

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The Miller's Studio
Mรผhle Tiefenbrunnen, Seefeldstrasse 225, CH-8008

Click here for competitor packet and deadlines >>

Registration Deadline : August 9, 2021

What People Are Saying

๐Ÿ†For being my first competition, I was very impressed with how organized and kind all of the people who made both days possible. I look forward to future events, because it was so positive that Iโ€™m hooked! โค๏ธ

- Nicole, PSO Emerald, Northwest competitor

๐Ÿ† Amazing & positive spirit (from affirmation cards to very helpful staff & the cherish for every single performer) on top of this absolutely well organized - loved the whole atmosphere. You will see me again on your stage :)

- Sandra, PSO Germany competitor

๐Ÿ†  Thank you for allowing us a stage to share our stories while having fun and making lifelong memories with the best community in the world ๐ŸŒŽ

Krystle, PSO Gateway, Southwest, and Triangle competitor

๐Ÿ†  This was my first PSO competition and I thought everything went great! Everything moved along smoothly, the vibe of the whole thing was wonderful and positive, and the PSO crew was so friendly and welcoming! Thanks to you all! <3

Pamela, PSO Central competitor


What You Get

    • - Live event performance

    • - One ticket to the event for yourself for your competition day

    • - One ticket to the event for you to bring a friend or family member on your competition day

    • - Official judging sheets emailed to you with scores and comments

    • - Gift bag and discount codes from our sponsors (we're the only organization that can get you an X-Pole discount!)

    • - A medal and prizes from our sponsors if you place 1, 2, or 3

More Info

Join us for 2021 PSO Switzerland Pole Championships, the world's largest pro-am pole dancing competition as we come to Zurich, Switzerland. 

Categories of the competition are: 


- Championship 

- Doubles/Groups 

- Dramatic 

- Exotic 

- Entertainment 

- Floorwork & Low Flow 

- Freedance 

- Showcase 

- Showcase Plus




- Amateur 1-5


Age groups:

- Junior
- Senior
- Master 

- Grand Master


Live events will look different but we will do our best to ensure that you have an amazing experience performing along with safety precautions that meet local guidelines. 


Due to evolving COVID-19 conditions, we plan to make a decision by the registration deadline whether or not to host PSO Switzerland based on the venue agreement. This event needs to have a minimum number of sign ups in order for us to be able to hold it. To reduce confusion about refunds and cancellations, we're creating the following guidelines now: 


- If you sign up and PSO cancels the event due to low registration, you can expect a full refund at that time. 

- If you sign up and PSO must cancel based on government restrictions that change or are added after the registration deadline, you will receive a store credit that can be used towards future purchases. An example would be a new gathering restriction of no more than 15 people. 

- If you sign up but choose not to attend the event, there are no refunds, as we have counted on your entry fee to pay our staff and venue booking fees.


We will be making the following changes: 


- Competitors for now will be limited to themselves +1 spectator ticket. To enforce that limit we will include that ticket price in the initial entry fee. If restrictions are loosened before the event, we will sell additional tickets, but this is not guaranteed. 

- Photos and video will be taken only for those who purchase in advance, by September 9. This allows us to potentially reduce the number of staff who come to the event. 

- We will do our best to offer check in and pole testing at various times on Friday and Saturday to help spread out those crowds. 

- The laws and guidance per event location changes frequently, so we will update the masking policies on this post as we go forward.


Other changes, such as schedules, pole cleaning, total number of allowed volunteers and audience members per hour, etc. will be announced closer to the date of the event as COVID guidelines evolve. We are also considering virtual judging to reduce the number of people in attendance. 


While we know that events may look different for the time being, we look forward to welcoming you all back in person with elbow bump hellos and jazz hand greetings!

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All Butts Welcome

(We're inclusive)

More Than

30 Locations