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What will studios look like post-corona?

What will studios look like post-corona?

We had a great discussion with a group of studio owners last Friday on Zoom about what plans we can start making now to prepare for when we are allowed to reopen. The post-COVID world is an interesting place to think about! Here are some key takeaways that might help you plan for what comes next:

Cleaning supplies

I know that personally I have had a difficult time obtaining cleaning supplies like rubbing alcohol and wipes. I’m going to be ordering now to make sure that PSO is well-stocked for the future.

One studio owner also suggested that each student bring their own towels and rubbing alcohol so that they don’t have to share. Front desk staff could also be asked to clean bathrooms and door handles before, during, and after classes.

Keeping Zoom classes as part of the schedule

Zoom classes have been beneficial for many studios right now, but they also can continue for the future. We talked to one studio owner who has had a lot of students move out of town. They love being able to take Zoom classes from her again. She's going to keep doing Zoom even after in-person classes start up again. This is also great for students who might not be comfortable going out again until some time after things open up again.

Zoom classes can also be recorded and posted to your social media or website to give you additional content. Remember to ask your students for permission before posting!

Removing poles and limiting class size for social distancing

Some studios have poles that are very close together. One of the owners is planning to take some of them out temporarily to make sure there is plenty of space between poles and people.

Depending on the guidelines given to us by the WHO and CDC, we may also need to plan for limiting class sizes. 

Prioritizing sign-ups for students who don’t have a pole at home

One of the possibilities with reopening is that class sizes may be restricted. I’m sure that students who don’t have poles at home would be grateful if they got first dibs on classes if that’s possible for your studio. Your students with poles could continue on Zoom to participate.

What are we doing for PSO?

We're definitely following the CDC closely to see what recommendations are coming out. For the moment, we are planning on masks for staff and possibly attendees, temperature checks and hand sanitizer squirts as you enter the venue, and longer pole cleaning times to start with. 

I have also been into checking out pretty masks so that I can be cute and safe at the same time. I have a black snakeskin mask in the mail that I'm looking forward to wearing. Studios could all get matching masks and come color coordinated to show their support for their competitors and each other!

Need a mask? Check out PSO competitor Kelsea Alabama on Instagram @kelsea_alabama to order. She does pick up in LA or ships!