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Volunteers: We Want You in Our Village!

Volunteers: We Want You in Our Village!

It takes a village to create the opportunity for our competitors to have their moment on stage. We rely on an army of volunteers and judges in the pole community and beyond to make this happen. Anyone can volunteer and it is a great way to support the pole community and meet new people.

“It was an amazing experience. I felt honored to be able to help with not only pole cleaning, but being able to be backstage to speak with the performers before and after performances. Several performers were very nervous so I enjoyed giving a pep talk prior to their performance.”

We want you! There are different way that you can become a part of the experience. Lending your time at Tickets & Check In includes checking in competitors as they arrive, checking and selling spectator tickets, and directing traffic around the lobby. This position is great for meeting tons of people, as everyone coming to the event starts at the registration desk. Our Door Monitors check for hand stamps and wristbands for spectators as they enter the performance space. Our Stage Monitors make sure everyone is on time for their performance and cue the music manager to start the music. They have have a front row (well, side view) seat to the action. Pole Cleaners help keep the pole clean and fresh for every performer! If you’re not sure if competing is for you, but still want to get onstage, this might be just the job! In the role as the Announcer, you'll hang out in the sound booth with our music manager, announcing the competitors and their studios as they take the stage. Have no fear, we provide a script for you! And last but not least, our Judges are charged with scoring the performances of our competitors and providing constructive feedback.

“I had an enjoyable time, and I look forward to participating in the future.“

If ticket prices have got you down, did you know that volunteering gets you access to the section that you are volunteering in, for free! So what else is there to consider….go ahead and sign up already :) You can visit our calendar to check out the schedule. Then, head on over to the event page of your choice. And the use the Volunteer of Judge button to sign up! Looking forward to you taking part in the PSO Moments!