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Survey Results

Survey Results

We did a survey of polers and I thought the results were super fun! Here are some charts if you wanted to know what others are doing right now!

Question: Are you still pole dancing?

72% Yes, and I have a pole at home.

20% Kind of, I am still dancing but I don't have a pole.

8% No.

Question: Why are you still pole dancing?

I loved reading the answers to this question because I agreed with SO many of the replies. Check out some samples from the survey below and see if you agree too!


"Being active helps provide structure to my day and control my anxiety. Dancing is a huge part of my identity."

"To stay sane."

"Pole and movement are my life pandemic or no pandemic!"

"Creative outlet, stay in touch with studio friends, and stay in shape"

"It makes me feel good! (On so many levels) I love having time for my goals during this crazy time. It is productive and gives you a sense of accomplishment."


 Question: Regarding pole, what's the BEST possible outcome for you after quarantine is over?

These answers were very inspiring and made me want to hit my home studio to start making more #psoprogress over this time. Check out the answers here and see if any of them resonate with you.


"i hope to be more flexible, and have stronger basics than before."

"I’ve been spending more time doing conditioning exercises, focusing on splits stretching AND taking online classes with some awesome instructors across the globe."

"I don’t lose my shit....I am a people person, an in-person person and this is the worst. But seriously, yeah, if I’m somehow better or more flexible- fucking rad. I HAVE found instructors online in places I can’t physically take classes, who have been rocking my world! God bless you for showing up and teaching class and making it easy/cheap/free for those of us suddenly out of work."

"Well I got my Ayesha already so best outcome is I master every hard move, or my bad side..."


My takeaway...

The community is stronger than ever! It's an interesting time that we have going on now with COVID because we are back online, just like the good ole days. Waaaaaaayyyy back when, we started this community with a handful of studios and some YouTubers, took it to Facebook and got banned there for butts and music rights, switched to Instagram, and now we're taking over Zoom and TikTok! 

I have been feeling very anxious about the future but reading these surveys really put a bright spot in my week. We had nearly 700 polers reply, meaning that we have A LOT of emails to catch up on. Thanks for answering, plus the kind words that you all left in the notes :) I'll see you online!


- Amy

P.S. If you wanted to take the survey but missed the email, feel free to submit your responses now! Click here.