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Size Charts - help us out!

Size Charts - help us out!

We’ve had some great conversations with Roz the Diva, Crystal Clark, and many other wonderful polers in the Celebrating Plus Size Pole Dancers Facebook group. They’ve suggested that it would be helpful to provide a size chart for our merchandise. We’re also in the process of updating our Portal system so that you can purchase larger competitor tanks online during registration.

One of the main challenges with sizing is that we source our garments from many suppliers, and there’s no standard size charting. So, we made one up!

Size Chart 2019.1

Many of our suppliers only tag using Small/Medium/Large, but those sizes do serve a wider range than what’s on the label. Although it can be tough, we encourage you to not pay too much attention to the label sizing, and work instead with what fits with your body the best.

As noted at the bottom of the chart, we’re expecting this to change after we send it all out to you and get feedback on this attempt #1. We’ll be updating this blog post periodically to make sure the latest version is here. If you’ve purchased something in the past from us, or try something on at an event, please let us know if you have suggested updates. Our inbox is always open at

Thanks for checking this out!