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PSO Southeast Welcomes Kids!

PSO Southeast Welcomes Kids!

The PSO Team is pleased to provide an update for our PSO Southeast event.

  • We welcome kids under 18 to compete at this competition only.

  • All competitors under 18 will be grouped into two age groups and will not compete against adults.

    • 13 and under

    • 14 - 18

  • All competitors will compete in the Championship category.

  • Levels will be 1, 2/3 combined and 4.

  • Visit the Portal to create an account to register.

    • Enter a Date of Birth that equates to 18 or more years of age. Our system needs to be modified to support birthdays under 18, so you’ll receive an error message if you try and enter a year earlier than 2002.

  • Register for the event “2020 PSO Southeast Kids - Orlando”.

  • To ensure we group our competitors correctly:

    • Enter your Name and Age in the Stage Name field (ex: Amy - 12)

Visit the event page for additional details.