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Portal Update: Personalized Promo Image

Portal Update: Personalized Promo Image

Do you want a personalized promo image like this? If so, we've added a new feature on the Portal that will allow you to upload and make your own promo images. Please note these are not mandatory, nor will PSO use them (though we may share them on our Instagram Stories if shared publicly).

To use, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account:

  2. Find your competition under your "Upcoming Events” section.

  3. Upload your selected photo by clicking on the "Upload Image" button on the dashboard. The "Image uploaded?" section will then turn to Yes (see example below).

  4. Then download your photo by clicking the "Promo Pic" button.

You can upload and download as many times as you want. And then share! Feel free to tag us and use the hashtag: #PSOprogress

**Tip: These photos come out square. For best results, use a pic that has a dark or colored background with enough space around your pose to allow the program to center you in the middle of the logo.