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New eBook: Get Flexy!

New eBook: Get Flexy!

Are you looking to get more flexible efficiently and safely? My name is Alicia Archer, and I started my flexibility journey as a young adult. Although I attended college for my BFA in Dance, I had to constantly work on improving my range of motion, and it definitely did not come easy. Upon graduating, and beginning my career as a certified group fitness instructor, I discovered the circus arts. It wasn’t long before I dived into contortion and hand balance training, discovering a new method to become more flexible in ways that I didn’t think possible. 

Combining my knowledge of sequencing, I’ve developed 8 videos that are appropriate for those who are learning how to improve their flexibility—specifically for front and middle splits. Each video will focus on a different component of what’s necessary to achieve these skills.

Week One: Hip Flexor
Week Two: Hamstrings
Week Three: External Rotators
Week Four: Front Splits Technique 
Week Five: Middle Splits Technique 
Week Six: Front Splits Active (Ex. Jade)
Week Seven: Middle Splits Active (Iron X)
Week Eight: Recovery/Strength

These videos are designed to be performed over the course of 8 weeks, 2-3x each week. I hope this series will add value to your training, and make you more confident in your performances!

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