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New ebook: Comp Prep by Natasha Wang

New ebook: Comp Prep by Natasha Wang

You have taken the first step and entered a pole competition, or maybe it is your big goal to compete this year. Either way, congratulations! 

Competing is a fantastic way to be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and artistically. If you own a studio or teach, it is effective at marketing your studio or classes, even if you do not take home a medal. 

Competing may not be for everyone, but for those who take on the challenge, the rewards are immense. 

But competing is no easy task. It is a significant time commitment. It can be taxing on financial resources. There will be moments during the journey when you feel emotionally and physically drained. And that is probably why you are turning to this e-book, to provide you with some expert guidance and to know you are not alone. 

This e-book will break down the competition process, from how to choose the right competition, to what happens on that big day on stage, to how to handle post-competition blues. 

Because this is a Pole Sport Organization e-book, I will be referring to PSO throughout, but you can use this guide for any competition or showcase coming up as well. 


Over the course of 8 weeks, this e-book will guide you through:

  • Selecting a competition or category

  • Creating a training calendar

  • Selecting and mapping your music

  • Developing your theme & concept

  • Choreographing a routine

  • Breaking through creative blocks

  • Getting into the mindset of your character

  • Mental preparation leading up to competition day

  • Coping with stage fright

  • Embracing competition day

  • What to expect post-competition

In addition to walking you through 8 weeks of competition preparation, this e-book will also give you the tips and tricks I have learned over 11 years of competing.

Natasha Wang