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Micromanaging Your Microbend and Point Your F&&*#)(&G Toes! eBook

Micromanaging Your Microbend and Point Your F&&*#)(&G Toes! eBook

This ebook pack contains two 8 week series of exercises to get you ready for your next competition, studio showcase, or Instagram story. We break down microbends and how to fix them and explain how to keep your f*&#!%g toes pointed during your routines.

At PSO, we believe that with the right training and enough practice, you can LEARN these skills. We’re not born with them, but you CAN develop them with practice. Let us show you how! #PSOprogess

Not sure if you have enough time to devote to this? Each set of exercises is designed to be worked into your regular routine. Short, 10 minute series, let you make progress in these areas without having to sacrifice precious studio time.

Here’s a description of each ebook:


“Watch out for microbends.” “Eliminate microbends.” These are comments that we have all seen at some point in time on a scorecard or judging sheet. But WTF is a microbend??

A microbend refers to an unintentional bend of the leg. It does not necessarily refer to the size of the bend. While the bend may be miniscule or massive, you will see the microbend appear when there is a struggle to keep your leg straight (looking at you, inverts). An intentional bend, on the contrary, no matter how big or small, is not referred to as a microbend so long as you can see the intention behind it.

While it is easy to feel like maybe you are just not cut out for straight lines or perfect transitions, there are plenty of tools that can help you conquer the mega-demon that is the microbend.  These tools are designed to strengthen your lower body to build stronger lines and efficient movement patterns.


Body waves? Check. Cool new flippy thing? Check. Pointed feet? Ummmm…
Just like any other skill, pointed feet can be yours, and learning how is not as terrible as you think. By taking the time to focus specifically on developing the strength and flexibility in your feet and ankles rather than allowing them to be the afterthought of every trick, you can learn to create the beautiful lines you’ve always wanted.  

“Point your feet” or “Point your toes” are the most common judging comments found on PSO score cards. This guide will provide exercises to improve the strength and mobility in your feet and ankles as well as a series of target places they can benefit your pole work to help you stand out on stage!

After purchase, you will be emailed a download link, which is good for 24 hours. Both ebooks are included in this download.