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Have Your Moment: Freedance Update

Have Your Moment: Freedance Update

Thank you to all that joined us in the journey of the exploratory Freedance Category. As a refresher, this category is a freestyle dance category, PSO will select the music track, and the maximum time limit is 3:10. As we move into 2020, check out the changes to this category effective immediately.



  • There are level divisions now - Levels 1, 2/3, and 4/5



  • Judging is based on the Artistic system

  • CLARITY OF CONCEPT (25 points) *Tiebreaker

    • For Freedance: performance demonstrates a clear interpretation of the music and movement style choice is appropriate for the song played


    • For Freedance only: these 10 points will be scored using the same criteria as Musicality


You can find the complete updated documents here:

  • Categories, Levels, and Age Group Definitions

  • Element Definitions

  • Element Scoring Guide