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Have Your Moment: Adding to the Experience

Have Your Moment: Adding to the Experience

Be on the look out for these new additions to your competition experience. We are pretty jazzed about them and hopefully so are you!


When the big day arrives, you might find yourself in need of a little reminder of how awesome you are, how far you have come, and that you got this. We got you! Snag an affirmation card at check-in as our friendly reminder that you are an inspiration and you will own the stage. 






Compliment coins are a way for you to approach others at the event that you may not know! We give these coins out at tickets and check in to everyone. Pass it and a compliment onto someone that you don't know at the event! You'll probably make their day :)






Your day on the stage is a culmination of many things, including the journey to get there. We invite you to write down one thing you accomplished during your comp prep and add it to our board.