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Get Inspired!

Get Inspired!

Are you finding your self not motivated? Not sure how to get going on your competition journey?

Last year, we launched the goals board. We wanted to hear what goals you set as you entered the competition season, and celebrate your accomplishments on your journey. We loved every #PSOProgress moment that you shared. Throwing confetti in celebration of your fellow poler's goal achievements!


  • "Put my vision on the stage."

  • "I made people laugh."

  • "I flowed through my f-up."

  • "I wasn't that nervous, and I was dramatic."

  • "I went out of my comfort zone."

  • "I did a new category."

  • "I performed doubles for the first time, and I think we told a beautiful story."

  • "Finally moved up a level (and didn't die)."

  • "I wore a thong in public."

  • "Found my pointed toes."

  • "I did a backflip w/o a Jesus spot."

  • "I got on stage and conquered my fear."

  • "I survived my first competition."

Let these serve as a source of motivation. Inspiration for your journey from visualizing it to #NailedIt! Remember the journey to having your moment, is a journey. It is sprinkled with small wins along the way. With your goal in mind and your habits designed for success, we look forward to celebrating your #NailedIt moment!