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For this I am grateful...

For this I am grateful...

Raise your hand if you tend to focus on what you didn't accomplish more often than what you did? We tend to be our own worst critics. And during competition preparation, we are prone to nitpick our opportunities and disregard the joy in the process. Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful or to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is so easy to take things for granted.

This upcoming's month challenge is gratitude journaling. I want you to close out your training sessions by writing down 3 things that you are grateful for as a result of that session. It can be something small or relatively large. Think about if you had someone that spotted you while executing a new trick, your instructor's voice in your head as you focused on pointing your toes, your personal paparazzi capturing your moments to review later, or how happy your muscles were when you stretched them out after working them so hard. Check out a snippet of my examples, as they relate to my dance often goal.

  • I am grateful for my friend that is committed to me and my movement challenge. She is holding me accountable to make up my missed classes due to my crazy travel life. I appreciate her suggestions for classes I should take, and am even more thankful when she plans to join me. It brings me such joy to dance with friends.

  • I really enjoyed my lyra choreo class, and I am thankful not only to be able to train with one of my Team ThickCut teammates but for her encouragement through the class. I can't say I nailed every move (being honest, I rocked 50% of the choreo) however, I felt accomplished in the end for taking on something new.

A few tips...

  • Be specific.

  • Elaborate in detail. What emotion did your grateful experience provide?

  • Delight in the small wins.

I challenge you to reroute your thoughts to focus less on what went wrong and highlight what went well. Get to shifting your perspective and find the good in the moments of your competition preparation!