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FLF - the pole is fire!

FLF - the pole is fire!

We want to clarify the description of the Floorwork & Low Flow, and more fully explain one of the rules of the category. In summary, we are using the analogy “the pole is fire”.

To determine how high up on the pole any body part can be:

  1. Stand next to the pole. (If you are wearing heels in your performance, then you should wear them when doing this.)

  2. Extend your arms fully up above your head.

  3. That is as high as any body part can be touching the pole. Pretend the pole above that is fire. You don’t want to get burned!

Your body CAN be higher than that point as long as it is not touching the pole. For example, if you were doing a handspring with your hands underneath the fire, your legs could be above the fire line as long as they are not touching the pole.

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