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Buying or Selling?

Buying or Selling?

Equipment has been in short supply recently, so we would love to get a list together of buyers and sellers to help connect you and get you what you need! Maybe you have an X-Pole gathering dust in your closet, extra weights or yoga blocks, or a business for sale.

We have several people looking for X-Poles at the moment, a couple of people wanting to buy studios, and the studio owner Whatsapp group was sharing some resources earlier around thermometers and extra rubbing alcohol.

Given that some of this could be sensitive information, we'll only be passing along buyer contact information. Sellers can take a look at what buyers are out there and contact them only if they are interested. 

If you are interested in buying a studio, or buying equipment:

1. You can fill out this form. This is not a commitment to buy, it's an interest list. 

2. We will pass on your info to anyone selling, and they will contact you if they are interested.

If you are interested in selling your studio, or selling any equipment that you have:

1. You can fill out this form. This is not a commitment to sell, it's an interest list. We will keep your info confidential.

2. We will send you a list of people who are looking to purchase. You can reach out to those people at your discretion. We won't share your contact info with them so you have control over who you talk to.