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Artistic Professional is back!

Artistic Professional is back!

By popular demand, we are bringing back Artistic Professional to U.S. Nationals 2020! There's a huge talent pool of PSO artistic superstars that we would love to welcome to the professional stage. "Artistic" includes anyone competing in Dramatic, Entertainment, or Exotic Level 5. 

In summary, everything stays the same with regards to 2019 Nationals. There are no changes to that event.

For any event qualifying for 2020 Nationals, we have a breakdown of which competitions are headed to the Championship finals and which are headed to the Artistic finals. The 1st place winner in each competition will move to the National finals.

2019 events moving to 2020 Nationals

  • Southwest (Championship)

  • Gateway (Artistic)

  • Southeast (Artistic)

  • Mountain (Championship)

  • Great Lakes (Championship)

  • Northwest (Artistic)

  • Northeast (Artistic)

2020 events moving to 2020 Nationals

  • Triangle (Artistic and Championship)

  • Golden Gate (Artistic)

  • Emerald (Championship)

  • Atlantic (Artistic)

  • Pacific (Championship)

  • Central (Artistic)

  • Space City (Championship)

  • Liberty (Championship)

We’ll switch back and forth by year, so that every region will have opportunities for both Championship and Artistic. For example, at 2019 Great Lakes, there will be a Championship final, but at 2020 Great Lakes, there will be an Artistic final.

Every event will also have both options of Artistic 5 and Championship 5. So, if you’re competing in 2020 Liberty (a Championship qualifier), and you sign up for Artistic 5, you can totally still compete, but the winner will not move on to the National finals.

As usual, if you've signed up for a PSO in 2019 after Nationals and you're not down with competing under the new rules, it's all good! Email us and get a refund.