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A Walk Down Memory Lane...

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

As we head into 2019 U.S. Nationals this weekend, let us revisit our finalists. #PSOprogress. 

Pole Grace representing Paradigm Pole Fitness
Northeast Region


Ginja representing Vertical Fitness Dallas
Southwest Region


Donna Carnow representing Body & Pole and Defy Gravity - Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts Studios 
Central Region


Yoana representing Athena Vertical Dance and Queen of Hearts Fitness
Emerald Region


Judy Gray representing VRV3 Studios
Golden Gate Region


Cezar the Superstar representing VRV3 Studios
Golden Gate Region


Kaylinn Bezenar representing Pole Pressure Richmond
Gateway Region


Wren Amelia representing Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness 
Pacific Region

 Joshi representing Sadie’s Pole Studio and The Vertitude
Pacific Region


Little Snipper representing Tease Dance & Fitness and The Brass Ring
Great Lakes Region


Harper representing Tease Studio
Mountain Region


Ann Jennings representing Sheer Inspiration Pole Fitness
Triangle Region


Samantha Star representing Body & Pole
Atlantic Region

Melvin Sanchez representing Pole Pressure Richmond 
Atlantic Region